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The 2012 Community Manager Survey Is Here!

For the second year in a row Social Fresh (Partner of has created a community manager survey aimed at putting more data around the burgeoning role.  Last year’s survey focused on information collected regarding community manager salaries and what to expect, but this year the survey has grown to focus more on the background of […]

Tweet Drive

Community Managers are the Best Philanthropists

This holiday season, I have been writing post after post about social good and giving back because of my global toy drive, Tweet Drive, which is in its second year and seeing a lot of positive results. While the success is exciting, the way that others have started to rally around not only this cause […]

3 Ways To Engage A Niche Community for Social Good

As a social worker, my community manager style is based on strength-based interventions and client focused service delivery. Fancy social work lingo for trusting that your community has expertise on topics and starting the conversation on what your community wants to know, not what you want to get. I work for a software company that […]

Warning Signs for a Bad Social Media Bootcamp

Social media: It excites some (like myself and likely most of you reading this post) and it terrifies others. It’s new, doesn’t hold back, encourages uttermost transparency and is taking the marketing world by storm. There are still many people out there that don’t know how to use it properly, and because of this there […]

People & Time

Managing People, Managing Time

As a community manager, your most important task is not managing content or technical systems. It’s managing people and the flow of demands, questions, personalities and quirks that all people bring to your world. I interviewed Brian Tolle, partner at The Re-Wired Group and author of Shortcut: How To Get Through to People Who Slow […]