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With Great Social Media Power…

Wise words were once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  However with great power using social media comes the need to be first, famous, and the belief that you are something that you are not…a credible source. There is no denying the power of social media and the connections it has developed for millions of […]

Curating a Global Instagram Community – A #JJ Case Study

Instagram is a great network for photographers to express themselves and reach a receptive audience around the world. But of the 40 million photos posted everyday, simply sharing quality shots is hardly enough to get noticed. The Instagram team works to find gems among the community and features these on the official blog as often as […]

Jenn Pedde

2 Things LinkedIn Did Wrong

LinkedIn just did something really cool this week with their most recent “Top Percent-ers” email campaign. They made 20 million users really happy by letting them know their profiles were the most viewed on all of LinkedIn.  That’s no small feat and I’m sure was incredibly hard to pull together across departments internally. Telling users […]

Community Building at NASA

How NASA Builds Community

In the fall we held a special 2-year anniversary #cmgrchat with special guests from NASA. They manage a significant amount of social media assets and build their community through a variety of online and offline events. Arguably one of the coolest and most progressive organizations out there and we were lucky to have a few members […]