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Nike Community

Nike’s Forum Shows the Promise and Peril of Community

This post originally appeared on the Harvard Business Review as written by Sarah Judd Welch, the Founder of Loyal, a community development studio. A New Year’s Eve tweet announced the launch of the Nike Community Forum. You could be forgiven for not noticing. Today, promotion of the forum has been removed from the site’s navigation bar, and social […]


How To Use Klout as a Community Management Tool

*Editor’s Note: Klout has recently updated their platform to be about content creation.  Influence matters for community management activities for at least two reasons: On one hand community managers want to influence their community in order to sell products (Marketing), position brands (Branding), attract talent (Human Resources), or show expertise (Customer Care). And on the […]

Behind the Scenes: How TEDx Manages Community-Curated Content

The TEDx brand has become a thriving global community of events in 153 countries with thousands of talented people putting out content every day We’re not just talking blog posts. The TEDx community creates talks, promo videos, blog posts, tweets, Vines, Instagram photos, Instagram videos, Flickr photos, websites, Facebook pages, Tumblr feeds, Storify posts, news […]

Content Strategy for Community

Using Content to Build A Community

Companies are increasingly finding that relevant, influential, and engaging content has the power to foster a loyal customer community. By taking a strategic approach to content development, companies can bring people with common interests together in one space to share stories and ideas related to their product and industry. A successful content strategy will use […]