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Ask Dows: Sound Measures of Good Community Management

What data points are sound measures of quality community management? – Jenn Kramer (Question 2 of 2) In two recent Ask Dows articles I’ve covered some ways to look at the Value of A Community Manager and Measuring the Quality of Collaboration. Jenn asks a great question about sound measures for good community management and I […]

Ask Dows: How Do You Measure The Quality of Collaboration?

Ask Dows: How Do You Measure The Quality of Collaboration?

How do you measure the quality of collaboration?This is in reference to a community of practice–docs/researchers doing research to establish best practices in their field. – Jenn Kramer (Question 1 of 2) Thanks for your questions Jenn. I’ve broken them up and will try to address them across two different articles. There’s a lot of […]

Measuring Value in Community Management

Ask Dows: Measuring the Value Of A Community Manager

What specific metrics can be tracked to demonstrate the value of what community managers are doing? In other words, what are some good methods to show to your client or company that the work you do both online and offline to engage customer communities is valuable to them? — Kari Finn Great question—thanks, Kari. We’ve had […]

Ask Dows: Matching Up Facebook Data With Strategy

Hi Chris, I currently manage 20+ Facebook fan page communities, mainly handling fans’ inquiries. I’d like to measure whether my strategy is working. Strangely, though, it seems like the data from Facebook Insights doesn’t directly reflect what I’m seeing. How can I match up what I’m doing day-to-day with the numbers? Thanks a lot! — […]

Introducing Ask Dows – Get Your Data Questions Answered

Communities are wonderful living entities of social interactions, and the digital world has given us a great opportunity to use metrics and numbers to keep improving user experiences. This means we have a great opportunity to follow the numbers and keep improving the experience community members. But it also means that things can get really […]