Rachel Yeomans has been involved in connecting the social and digital world to the business world for over four years. As a Marketing Director | Social Media for Astek Consulting, Yeomans brings forward a passion for learning and applying what she has learned using new and creative facets. With a background working in both small and corporate business environments, Yeomans constantly strives to see how companies with set standards and values can apply new thoughts and applications into their business models. Prior to Astek, Yeomans managed social media for the fashion businesses of Sears Holdings Corp. She also publishes two blogs: A Tumblr blog highlighting social media developments within the fashion industry, and TheWorkingWardrobe, a work fashion & style blog for men and women, which was listed as #4 in a list of top 20 fashion blogs to follow by Forbes in 2010. She also hosts a fashion podcast dubbed SpeakingOfFashion. You can follow her on Twitter at to engage in more of what Yeomans is learning and how she may apply it to her next project.