Lovisa Williams

Lovisa Williams is the Deputy Director for the Department of State’s International Information Programs (IIP) Bureau’s Office of Innovative Engagement (OIE). She is the Social Media Strategist for the Department of State. She is the co-author for the Department of State’s first social media use policy. She is also the founder and the manager of the Department’s Community Managers Group. She developed the first Community Managers Boot Camp and continues to teach Department of State employees how to be a Community Manager. Lovisa has over thirteen years of experience working for the Federal Government on technology and social media projects. She specializes in how disruptive technologies require organizational transformation. Lovisa lives at the intersection of people, government, and technology. She is an innovator who actively explores new ways to solve problems leveraging technology. Lovisa is an active participant in the community advocating for Government’s use of social media. She is a regular speaker in the Government 2.0 community. Lovisa, and her work at the Department of State, are included in Charlene Li’s book Open Leadership as a business case. She has served for the past two years as one of the organizers for the Government 2.0 Camp in Los Angeles, CA. Lovisa works on a number of community projects such as being the co-founder of the Mobile Citizen Summit and the founder of the Global Citizenship Project. All viewpoints, opinions and ideas expressed here do not represent the official policy or opinion of the Department of State or the United States Government.