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The Community Manager is the home for all community management-related tips, news and case studies.

Community Management has become one of the most sought after positions among the digitally savvy, and companies of all sizes have quickly adopted it.  Its place in business is equal parts integral and confusing, and is a term that can define a myriad of job functions.

With over 100 writers contributing to the site, we’re proud to bring together the voices of the community industry’s leading professionals from brands like Apple, TED, Airbnb, Huffington Post, eModeration and many many more.

Our goal is to bring clarity to the role and help community managers build healthy, thriving communities that will improve the lives of the members of their communities.


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The Community Manager Team

Jenn Pedde

Jenn PeddeCo-founder & Editor-in-Chief


Jenn is the Co-Founder of The Community Manager as well as our Editor-In-Chief. She’s also an adjunct professor at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies.  You can find her almost anywhere online, but specifically on #CmgrChat every Wednesday from 2-3pm ET.


Brett Petersel

Brett PeterselCo-founder & COO


Brett Petersel is the Co-founder and COO of The Community Manager. He has worked for Mashable and The Next Web, and recently released his first book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Twitter Marketing, in May 2012. You can follow him on Twitter at @Brett.


David Spinks

David SpinksCo-founder & CEO


David Spinks is the Co-founder and CEO of The Community Manager. He’s an entrepreneur and community builder who also co-founded CMX Summit, Feast, BlogDash and u30pro. He’s built community programs for companies like Zaarly,  Udemy, LeWeb, SeatGeek, Feast and many more.


Cali Harris

Cali HarrisManaging Editor


Cali Harris (better known as Caligater) lives and salsa dances in Boulder, Colorado. She’s the Managing Editor for The Community Manager and works at TechStars. She still clings to the Oxford comma.