How to Build Trust with Anyone – An Interview with Behavioral Expert, Robin Dreeke

dreekeRobin Dreeke is our opening keynote speaker at CMX Summit and so we wanted to take a minute to share a bit more about who he is and what he’ll be sharing on Feb 6th. He was kind enough to take the time for quick interview.

Robin has 27 years as a behavioral expert, including acting as the Head of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Program. He’s also the founder of People Formula and the author of It’s Not All About “Me”: The Top Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport with Anyone.

He’s dedicated his career to helping people build trust with anyone in any situation. You know, regular people like government agents, CEO’s and the like.

I can’t explain how honored we are that he’s flying out to San Francisco to share some of his lessons with the community industry.

Here’s a glance at who Robin is and what he’ll be talking about at CMX.

1. I gave you a brief intro but tell us more about your career.

Let me start by first stating that what most people need to say when working primarily for the gov… the standard disclaimer. These are my thoughts and opinions alone and not those of the FBI and that I am here as myself and author of my book.


My career with the USG is approaching my 27th year. I have had many jobs between my time in the Marine Corps to those in the FBI. In every job I have had the most important aspect to success has been strong interpersonal / leadership skills and team (community) building. In the last number of years I was fortunate to have the opportunity to write and teach what I had learned throughout my lifetime of trials and fantastic errors.


I was very fortunate to have amazing mentors and people in my life who modeled the interpersonal behaviors that I was desperately lacking. Like most of us, I wanted to be successful at my job and I focused on those skills to better understand them in an attempt to add them to who I was… and now I’m here 🙂


2. What will people learn from your talk at CMX?

I’m hoping people will learn about why they have been successful at building trust and communities already, whether on a small scale or large scale.


I like to break down the art form of trust and community building into a “paint by number” that we can all quickly recognize, utilize, and build upon. As I discuss the tools, folks will recognize times in our lives that we have already used these aspects and times when we may have fallen short.


Those individuals that build trust and communities naturally will have a greater understanding of why they are successful and those they may have strengths in other areas will be able to use the process I discuss in order to add to their skill set.


The most important aspect is that everyone will leave being able to immediately apply the tools and even more importantly, be able to articulate them and pass them on to others.  The simple key to all that I will chat about is how to focus 100% of your focus on others, validate them non-judgmentally and ultimately have their brain reward them for the encounter.


My mantra is to “Always leave them feeling better for having met you.”


3. How do you define community?

I’ve already been long winded so I’ll try to keep this quick and simple… I define community as a relationship of trust between two or more people with shared goals and priorities.


4. Why is community important to you?

This is the simplest question I think for most of us… I have never had an instant in my life where I did not need to interact and build trust with another human being (community) in order to be successful.

5. What’s one bite size piece of advice that you have for someone who wants to build trust within a community?

Find out what everyone else’s priorities and goals are… then make those priorities and goals yours as well 🙂


Come see Robin take the stage at CMX Summit, where the leading professionals in the community industry are coming together for a full day of more fascinating speakers and networking.

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