New at CMX Summit: What Can Studying Thousands of Collaborative Consumption Platforms Teach you About Community?


We’re very excited to announce that Lauren Anderson will be joining us on Feb 6th at CMX Summit in San Francisco.

Lauren is the Chief Knowledge Officer of Collaborative Lab and She’ll be joining us all the way from Australia and we’re very honored that she’s making the trip for CMX.

I’ve personally be following Lauren’s work since I worked in collaborative consumption with Zaarly a couple years ago. She’s someone that I believe truly understands community on a deep level and has her head wrapped tightly around the collaborative consumption trends we’re witnessing today.

CMX Summit is all about bringing unique perspectives on community. This talk is going to be fascinating because Lauren has a perspective that very few people have.

After looking at thousands of collaborative consumption companies who all have community at their core, Lauren has witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly. She’s seen consistencies in what it takes to build thriving communities as well as what it takes for a community to implode overnight.

What makes Lauren truly unique in the community world is that not only has she been studying these communities for a large part of her career, she’s also built successful communities herself. As part of her role, Lauren has built a global network of ambassadors across 17 countries to share best practices and local news on

So she can speak to the larger trends identified in her research with the grounded perspective of a true community builder.

While this will be the first time Lauren will be speaking on this specific topic, she’s a highly experienced speaker, having delivered keynotes in Europe, Asia, United States, South America and Australia for organizations such as Fast Company, GigaOm, UNEP, Westpac, TEDx Women Southbank, Chosun Biz and FIERGS Brazil.

She holds a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism, and a Graduate Certificate in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies from Queensland University of Technology.

It’s going to be a fascinating talk. Don’t miss it.

Get your tickets now. The Early Bird price is available for 8 more days!

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