How Instagram Can Raise Charity Awareness

Since Instagram launched in 2010, it has acquired a huge fan base and is used by millions all over the world.

By its very nature it is also a great way for charities to publicize their great work, get messages across visually, and make more people aware of what they are doing.

There are several charities, like Amnesty International, that already have a strong presence on Instagram. Charities are able to raise more awareness of cancer research like the way CRUK does; they upload images regularly of fundraising events and show examples of where fundraising money has gone, such as building projects and new research.

Through this, people have the opportunity to become more involved with charities. It’s amazing how effective creative photography (and now videography) can be in recruiting and managing supporters worldwide.

Here are 5 ways you can use Instagram to your advantage if you want to promote a charity and build a community.

Post images of events

Many charities have events like sponsored runs, swims or other fundraisers. A great way to build awareness is to post these events straight onto Instagram so users can see what’s happening, where and when.

Live images that are posted of events as they are happening are the best ways to give the viewer a feeling of being involved, and it also encourages people to give money to the charity as they can see fundraisers working so hard to raise money. Not only does this help the fundraising but it helps a charity build their community. Community building is vitally important for charities—it strengthens the core of the charity by bringing together people and can build social circles quickly.

Post images of the team

People are sometimes distracted by fancy logos, industry news and news articles that don’t tell them anything about who actually works for the charity. Every charity has a core group of staff behind it who all work together to put on events. Highlighting the stories of the charity staff is a huge opportunity.

These people are often forgotten and left behind in a haze of PR talk, and Instagram is a great way of reminding people of the faces doing the hard work. A sense of acknowledgement through Instagram can strengthen the moral within the charity. Instagram’s new video feature is another great way to capture the team in action.

Images of volunteers

Most charities rely  heavily on volunteers. However, the amount of people in the volunteering sector has dropped dramatically and new recruits are badly needed. By posting images on Instagram of the volunteers you already have, you can inspire people to sign up and be a part of such worthwhile causes.

Capture photos of volunteers enjoying themselves: laughing, joking and experiencing things they couldn’t otherwise. Amnesty International posts regular images of volunteers visiting villages in developing countries. There are many images of small children hugging the charity volunteers, showing gratitude and thanks. These are fabulous examples of how to improve not only your company’s brand, but also recruit new volunteers.

Tell a charity story through video interaction

Some fundraising activities or projects are not over in a few hours; they can take weeks or months. So that people don’t forget about work and projects that are going on in the background, you can use photos taken throughout the process, from start to finish, to highlight the good work on Instagram.

Every charity, business and professional should be making use of Instagram video, as it can be used to provide mini adverts or pre event news.

Use hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram work in a very similar way to how they do on Twitter and are a great way to highlight particular causes, charities and fundraising events. The best way a charity can ensure exposure is to ask all their supporters to adopt a hashtag that you choose and use it when posting images relating to the charity.

As you can see, Instagram can raise awareness for charities, build a community and social circles globally.

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About the author

Jenny Beswick

Jenny Ann is a freelance writer and a fundraiser for Cancer Research UK. A fan of Instagram and creative media, she likes how imaging can be used in business and fundraising to raise awareness. Jen would love to see more people involved in fundraising events and jobs!


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