Be featured in the #CMAD Community Management e-Book! is proud to be partnering with Marketwire for #CMAD this year, which is being held all day Monday January 28th, 2013.  (You can read about the partnership from the Marketwire blog as well).  #CMAD, or Community Manager Appreciation Day, was started a few years ago by Jeremiah Owyang and this year has exploded into quite the flurry of activity from seemingly every corner of the internet.  We’re keeping it simple and just asking community managers a few questions about what they do, how they do it, and where they see the future of community management going.  We’d love to have your thoughts on one or all of the questions in this surveyby Wednesday evening, and we’ll feature you in an ebook coming out next week.

Fill out the 7 question survey here by Wednesday January 23rd at 4pm to have your thoughts included in this ebook!

  • We’re also hosting a special #cmgrchat on Monday January 28th for #CMAD at 3pm EST.  The topic will be “Appreciating Community Managers.”
  • Take your online community offline and put together a community manager meetup in your hometown using Or find one already happening.
  • Want to look back? Last year we posted Social Fresh’s Community Manager Report on #CMAD, and we followed up with our list of the Top Community Managers of 2012.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Jenn Pedde

Jenn is a Co-Founder of The Community Manager and the Editor-In-Chief. She’s also an adjunct professor at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. You can find her almost anywhere online, but specifically on #CmgrChat every Wednesday from 2-3pm ET.


Very cool. Glad Marketwire is working with you on this project. I submitted my responses, too. Excited for the outcome. ::Waves to @40deuce :: 


We're very excited about this one!!


Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos & Marketwire


Not sure the link is working. Going to and seeing default type landing page.


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