What Tools do Community Managers Use?

A great community manager knows when, where, and how to find excellent resources of the highest quality. And in 958 tweets in an hour we figured out what the best of the best resources are, and who is using what everyday. Enjoy the list!

Q1) What are the tools you can’t live without as a Community Manager?

mbhahn I love using tweetdeck, hootsuite, socialbro, crowdbooster.

Jmodio  I can’t live without Hootsuite & Radian 6

RikiShook Social bro- it’s analytics and interface is awesome. I wish they had a pay version

vargasl  My head (Sometimes easy to lose), notebook, Evernote and OneNote.

vargasl  I should probably include MindManager (mind mapping) and Visio

evanhamilton I couldn’t live without Google Docs, @argylesocial, & @tweetreachapp. Crucial to publishing and measurement.

evanhamilton Ooh, almost forgot @feedly. Great feed reader, great way to consume content.

newsle  Google Docs, Buffer, and an analysis/measurement tool.

Phillyberg  Paper, Pen, Google Docs, @Spredfast, @hootsuite ,and Jing

missambear  I’ve been using a few new web tools, @prismatic, @IFTTT, and @bufferapp have been working great for me!

JPedde We’ve been using @Buzzstream to do blogger outreach and creating community that way. It’s a great system

Q2: Name the apps on your smartphone that help you day to day.

shankell  Heartbeat by @sysmos, Tweetdeck and my brain…

hillaryboucher  Twitter, wunderlist, email, yammer, instagram

Jessicalowens  Mobile Apps I use daily: Flipboard

yelpaustin First time #cmgrchat ter, long time lurker. I can’t live without @skitch and @notationalvelocity

AGungormez  Google Drive app, Dropbox app, and Outlook to harass me with emails all day

scottmoore  My phone apps replicate computer: access to community environment, email, skype or IM, Trello

Q3) Do you have the perfect measurement tool? If so, what is it, and is it free or paid? If not, why not?

Shananigans5   I’ve been a @sysomos person from day 1. Paid.

vargasl  Will sound like a broken record. There is no magic solution for insight. I use excel to aggregate / splice & dice.

SueOnTheWeb   is there such a thing as the perfect measurement tool? lol. I have to bolt different ones together for my cmty reports.

duzins  No, but @woopra is super helpful to me (paid). Also, @EdgerankChecker is helpful. Old school RSS feeds too.

cebsilver he perfect measurement tool? There is no perfect. There is only acceptable. Such as Google Analytics.

lil_tea Not perfect, but I like @SproutSocial!

comfactscom  It all depends on what you are trying to measure. FB Insights is great for FB, and SocialBro is great for Twitter (both free).

KristenDaukas  I LOVE SocialReport.. reasonably priced and VERY robust

CATrio   Wish there was a perfect measurement tool! Don’t think the social industry is there yet. You need a combo of tools.

Q4: Where do you find community management resources?  (Not social media resources)

duzins  the emint group on yahoo, definitely.

duzins   I should include the link. Online Commty Mgrs Yahoo Group (e-mint)

MSilvermanDuo New book “Capturing Community”An Essential Resource for Building and Managing an Online Community

vargasl  Lately, tool inspiration is coming from how urban planners measure impact. What methods/tools can be adapted?

TheJournalizer The best #CMGR resources I find come from other CMs. This Facebook group in particular

ilovegarick  @TheCMgr & #cmgrchat on Weds at 11am PDT are a great source for #community management resources.

DanielaBolzmann   I get answers from @quora, research new tools on @bestvendor, and ideas from other #cmgr blogs like @evanhamilton‘s

duzins Nick Hall turned me onto this list of CMs too:

jpedde: @KMSieminski we have one! (Linked In Community Manager Group)

DanielaBolzmann  I need to update but I like to save all my tools in a webmix like this:

This digest is taken from the #cmgrchat that took place on Wednesday, May 15th, 2012. 


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