Introducing CM Stories – Tell Us Your Story

Write Your CM Story

Have you told your story lately?

You know, your story from the front lines of community building.

Introducing CM Stories

We’re adding a new category to The Community Manager: CM Stories.

In addition to the how-tos, case studies, and resources shared on TCM, we want to provide a space for CMs to share first-hand stories of what’s like to build communities. Look for our first CM Story tomorrow.

We want to hear your stories—your personal narratives of a day in the life of a community manager. Your personal triumphs and challenges, the good and bad, your goals, your narrative. Things like: what it was like to begin community management, or what it’s like to move from B2C to B2B communities, or…whatever you want to share.

Want to tell your story?

Send 1) your story idea/topic and 2) a link or two about you—and your community management experience—to me. I’ll get back to you with next steps and TCM writing guidelines.

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