Say Hello to Connie Arroyo — The First TCM Community Manager Spotlight!

Connie Arroyo

May 2012 CM Spotlight

At the end of 2011 we announced a call for nominations of your favorite community managers.  We received quite a few submissions and we are happy to announce our first #CMSpotlight!  She has a plethora of experience and I think we can all agree that her community is probably one of the most vibrant ones out there.


Congratulations to Connie Arroyo, the Community Manager at, and TCM’s CM Spotlight for May 2012!


Connie was nominated by a fellow coworker, who had some great things to say about her.  Here’s a small excerpt from that nomination:
Connie has been managing the community for over 14 years.  Yes, you heard that right.  She’s had a passion for the users of our site for over a decade – championing their needs, replying to any issues, supporting them and most importantly being their friend.  She is the go to person for the entire company to get the pulse on what viewers have been saying, suggesting, appreciating and complaining about for every division here.  
We had a chance to sit down with Connie and ask her a few questions.  We’ll be doing a Google+ Hangout with Connie on May 14th at 4pm EST on TCM’s Google+ account. The hangout is open to everyone and there’s no attendance cap! TCM’s very own David Yarus will be interviewing Connie, and we’ll discuss more with her about her experiences with the community!


TCM:       What is the name of your company?
Connie:  My social media & moderation company is Netizen Media Solutions, Inc. Our team is 100% US based and can be found at, on and on


TCM:      What is your current title / community that you manage?
Connie:  I am the President of Netizen Media Solutions and am the Community Manager at I manage a team that moderates the online forums for the OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network which includes:, and the respective Facebook and YouTube pages for Oprah Winfrey and OWN TV. 


TCM:      How long have you been a CM? 
Connie:  My first ‘paid’ job as a CM was in 1998.  Previously I was a volunteer AOL Chat Host and Guide (1996-1998)


TCM:     What are your favorite community manager resources?
Connie:  Some of my favorite resources are my co-workers and moderation team. I believe in the ‘it takes a village’ approach to managing an online community and forum.  If I don’t have the answer, I know who to go to and ask.


TCM:      Where did you go to school / what was your major / year you graduated?
Connie:   I am a self-taught community manager, although I do have a Nursing Degree and am a Veteran of the United States Navy.


You can find out more about Connie on May 14th!


Have a CM you think is amazing?  Nominate them now! 

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Wow, 14 years! That's amazing. Looking forward to Monday. :D

DavidSpinks moderator

Congrats Connie!!! Really excited for the hangout (=