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Write - Guest Post for The Community ManagerWant to write for The Community Manager?

We’d love to have you.

On, our posts cover community management activities related, but not limited, to best practices, resources, tools, books, groups, and stories about community building.

Interested in contributing? Check out our writing guidelines below, and then send your post idea and a link or two about you (and your community management experience) to Cali.


Resources (tools, lessons learned, and lists)
How Tos
Case Studies (should reference real business results)
News (timely)
Interviews (text, audio or video)


  • Posts must be between 400 and 700 words.
  • Proof relentlessly. Write concisely. Keep things simple from the start, review and simplify even more.
  • Avoid saying “I think” or “my opinion”. Abstain from 1st person; stick to facts, how-tos, and actionable content.
  • Always cite examples. Do not just list opinions/baseless thoughts/generalizations.
  • There should always be something actionable—a link/suggestion/idea for the reader to learn or to do more.
  • If possible, ask questions to engage the reader.
  • Include video, images, graphs, info graphics, quotes, and bullet points whenever possible.
  • You can use H2 and H3 headings, bullets and numbered lists.

Please don’t be offended if we suggest changes or fix grammar etc. Don’t worry—no major changes will be made without your approval.


If highly relevant, feel free to link once per article to your own blog/company/article. You may include 1-2 links in your bio on your profile page.


  • There must be one image per post (even if there is video in the post) and it must be entered in as a “Featured Image” as well as placed in the top right in the post.
  • Full width images should be 640 pixels wide.
  • All images should be properly attributed. The photo caption should simply say: “Photo cred: [Photographer Name]”
  • Search for image ideas on Shutterstock or or Flickr Creative Commons.
  • Do not link images unless it is to an original Twitter message or equivalent and you are linking to the original.
  • Do not use Google to search for images.


One space after a period, not two. Just one.
Names should be written first & last name at first mention, then referred to by last name.
These words should always be written as the following:
E-mail = email
Internet = internet
T.V. = TV
Web Site = website
Social Media = social media

Still interested in contributing? Then send your post idea and a link or two about you (and your community management experience) to Cali.

Photo cred: Bethan

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