Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! #CMAD

Community Manager Appreciation Day 2012 #CMADIn 2010, Jeremiah Owyang declared every 4th Monday in January as “Community Manager Appreciation Day.”  This day is meant to recognize and celebrate efforts of community managers around the world using social media to improve customer experiences.  Or so says the Wikipedia page.

As we all know, there are quite a few community managers out there that don’t actually use social media.  However, we can’t deny that it has become a common tool in a community managers toolbox.  It’s also pretty awesome that of all the jobs and positions in all the world, this one gets it’s own special day.

So this leads to the question —

What are you doing for #CMAD?

(If you’re in the New York City Area, #CMMeetup is hosting it’s monthly event, followed by a Happy Hour sponsored by both #CMMeetup and  Come say hi to us at Rogue Bar at 8:30pm.)

How are you recognizing your employees for #CMAD?

Don’t understand why there is such a thing as #CMAD?   Well, this whitepaper from Social Fresh will help clear up what the current state of community managers is.  This is the data collected from Social Fresh’s “2012 Community Manager Survey” a few weeks ago and has some very interesting stats and figures.

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