#Cmgrchat – 11/9: Google+ And Community

When we held this chat in November, Google+ had that week just announced its Google+ pages.  The chat saw 752 tweets and discussed if they were going to create a page or not, what they thought hosting them would look like, and if there is enough engagement to justify adding another platform to busy schedules.  Overall, everyone seemed fairly apprehensive about this new endeavor, but all trust that in time Google would “figure it out” and add useful things that those in marketing, support, and community could use.

Of course, after this chat, we’re now on Google+ — Circle us!


Q1. Is your organization setting up a G+ page? Why or why not?

Of those who answered:  22 had created business pages, and 13 have not.

Many others are on the fence and are determining value vs. available resources for yet another platform.  Many agree that the search functionality with Google+ pages are a real reason to create it, but the user engagement for the most part is not there.

Q2. Currently G+ Pages only allows for one page admin. Does that present a problem for your community management plan?

*As of the time of this publication, Google+ has enabled multiple account admin usage.

Q3. What type of interaction are you expecting on G+? Will this be a community of current members or new ones?

NishaChittal there’s some overlap btw our Facebook & G+ communities, but the convos are different quality on G+ than on Facebook

NishaChittal I mean. we got 4000 followers overnight after launching our G+ page – so people are def there and listening.

QuirkyBean Good question, I would say current members. Since you don’t think ‘G+’ when you want a review of something

rhogroupee G+ is our Times Square billboard; Google owns search, stands to reason they will weight their own pages

celivingston I’d love to be able to segment them into different circles & have both. At a minimum, it’ll be for existing customers/lurkers

michaelewitt is underwhelming just like every other product Google creates. They’re spreading themselves too thin. Stick to what you know.

Orangeman02 I just set up my company G+ page and I’d expect new users. Maybe those who are tiring of FB, but not into Twitter.

taltalk At the moment, it’s existing members from Facebook or Twitter, but I am hoping it will be more, and then we’ll see

KStaib  I expect the community to be old and new people. I want to use it like Facebook and Twitter. Send them to my blog

zenguin So far current community members following us there b/c we posted links on Tw/FB. Page discovery has not yet developed in G+

Q4. What kind of measurements & reporting do you have planned for G+ Pages

rhogroupee I’m going to wait & cross fingers that Google Analytics will be integrated with G+ pages..

celivingston Until there are analytics, we’ll have someone count interactions manually and check website traffic driven from G+

mikeoneill76: +1’s, comments, shares at first.

Bepkoboy  None determined yet, which is one reason we’ll holding off on launching…..we want to have a good grasp firs

DigitalKaitlyn I plan to keep an eye on how many people follow and interact with us. Until more expands it is mostly a brand awareness tool

Q5. Any tips for setting up your Page? What’s most important? How will you promote?

Bepkoboy The most important thing is to not pull away or forget about your existing communities

tamcdonald Important for local businesses to make sure Google Places info is correct and synced with G+ Page

plautmaayanJust in time for Q5 in RT@mashsocialmedia: 10 Tips and Tricks for Better Google+ Brand Pages –

evanhamiltonI agree with others, the most important thing about setting up G+ is to have a strategy. Just “being there” is not one

djfancoI highly recommend this article: for getting started

rhogroupee Setup was simple, strategy going forward is not as simple!


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