#CmgrChat 5/25 – When Too Much Isn’t Enough: Competition & Jealousy

This chat coincided with BlogWorld – Eastern Conference, NY. For myself, BlogWorld was one of the few places where everyone knew what it meant to be a community manager.

As one #cmgrchat participant put it, community management can feel “Sisyphean” at times. This digests dives into the competitive nature of the role and what community managers can do to cope.


Q1. Do you ever feel that you’re not doing enough in your #cmgr role? How do you handle it?

evanhamilton I often feel like I’m not making enough difference. I work hard, but we’re b2b & I don’t feel like I’m building much community

omgitsamr Sometimes I feel like I have SO much to do that I can’t possibly be 100% effective 24/7. To-do lists are my BFF!

econwriter5 Sometimes. Stems from having had to “do it all” so learning what should go to others is quite helpful.

Triplyksis Definitely. With all the hats I have to wear at the same time, I feel like I can’t possibly be effective enough.

Fisherish Doing a good job but feel information overload so much2 learn, socialmedia landscape changes so fast n diff roles of CM

ericfoster No. I feel like I’m always pushing. I find bottlenecks OUTSIDE of my circle hold me up the most.

@contrapuntist: Balance is the hardest. Defining what you need to do vs what you want to do. They dont always get along.

@grmeyer: Every day, identify the top 3 things to be done. Make sure to learn something and teach someone every day.

RachelYeomans I just got back from speaking on LinkedIn & I segmented a worksheet of 5min/day,3 days/week – that concept can be used elsewhere 2


Q2. CMs are always seemingly everywhere in many projects. How do you keep up? Can/Should you? Is it an illusion?

viralsuvarnkar I use David allens GTD method, plus the #168hour checklist. Works beautifully together. Could also try Pomodoro process

amirad It’s all about prioritizing. You can’t be on top of everything so pick the important ones and stay on those

cusecomm I must schedule and only apply to projects I feel I can make an impact I don’t like to enter a space just to be there

joshstowe I use @nirvanahq to stay organized across all projects (more or less). Or you could use a Google Doc.

yolunia I use Evernote and Google Spreadsheets. Keep it simple & clear as possible so that other ppl can view, & you can edit

bluephoenixnyc Lists and schedules. Take extra time at the end of your day to make both for the next day.

primesuspect It’s all about the tools. Tech can help you be everywhere (or at least LOOK like you are)

IslandPrintGrp It’s important to only take on what you can achieve. Set realistic goals and have open communication with your bosses


Q3. How have you felt about another CM using *your* ideas? Are there any original ideas left?

evanhamilton I think it’s great! I love giving advice. Nothing needs to be original as long as it’s effective. Let’s all share more!

rhogroupee If you’re looking over your shoulder constantly, you’ll trip. Share freely and karma takes care of the rest.

E_Heilmeier Social Media is about building community, not taking credit for ideas, we need to help each other

AdamBritten Hmm interesting. I wouldn’t mind, since they are shared socially, but I think credit should be given.

tgrevatt We meet/talk in person up here. Our #CMOttawa group is a great spot to share, vent, get ideas, troubleshoot. Def. useful

@RachelYeomans: We started#CMGRChi in Chicago too! And our FIRST meetup is on 6/1 – woot!

KellyLux RT @yolunia: NOTHING is original. @AustinKleon did a great post about this: “How to Steal Like an Artist”


Q4. What are ways to avoid competition & jealousy on a team, or in a community such as ours?

AdamBritten I personally love a little bit of competition. One day I’ll edge out @dhrosen on #Klout.

KellyLux Clearly defining roles, but encouraging and supporting flexibility in those roles helps avoid jealousy.

rhogroupee Make it safe to speak up and clear the air when necessary.

grmeyer Be #generous. Life is short. If people are being negative, spend less time with them 😉

JPedde Being on the right team helps too. Where there’s no sense of competing or jealousy is when you know you’re where ur supposed 2b

andrea_zak team brownbag lunches where everyone can throw out what’s working and what has them stumped. Lets u offer expertise/learn 2


Hope you are able to take away something, and see you at a future chat on Wednesdays at 2pm EST. Feel free to give feedback in the comments section, or contact the co-founders Jenn Pedde and Kelly Lux!

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