Welcome to the Home of the Community Manager

Welcome to TCM, the community for the community manager!

The “community manager” is the hot job title of the day.  They’re like pokemon…everyone wants one but they’re not sure why.

Many don’t know that the title has actually existed for a long time.  It’s only through the growth of social media that it’s evolved, and grown to such popularity.

With its quick growth, however, the role of the community manager has become harder to define.

This site will be your resource for all things related to community managers.  We’ve assembled the top community managers from a wide range of brands and startups to share their experience and knowledge.

Here, you’ll find:

  • A community for community managers, where they can feel comfortable sharing their questions and experiences
  • Tips and advice for community managers and the companies hiring them
  • Case studies on what community managers are doing on a day-to-day basis.  What works, and what doesn’t.
  • Job opportunities
  • Events related to community managers, and hosted by us
  • The home of the #cmgrchat, the twitter chat focused on community managers
  • Much more to come…

Here, you have the new home of the community manager.

There are a lot of great groups and content out there related to community management.  We want TCM to bring all of that together in one core.

Make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed or you can subscribe by email.

Drop us a comment and let us know what you think of the site, and what you’d like to see here.


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About the author

David Spinks, CMXSummit and Lifelong student, community builder and writer.


Love the design. Love the idea.

Really excited about this


Looks great guys!!


Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos


Looks great! It's been amazing meeting so many great people in the world of Community Managers. I've learned so much so far and I look forward to giving my two cents in the future.

jennalanger moderator

The site looks pretty snazzy right now, but it's nothing compared to what its going to become once it get's filled with amazing content and conversation from some of the smartest people I know. Looking forward to calling this one of my homes online :)


Congrats on the launch - looking forward to all of the great things to come


The pokemon analogy really resonates, I feel like the discipline's very mystical. Let's develop "tips for the companies that hire them" :)

Thanks to the 3 of you for putting this together (& nice meeting you two dudes at blogworld). Now when's thecommunitymanager launch party!?