#CmgrChat 11/3 – Metrics & Measurement

Our topic this week was Metrics and in an area that’s always difficult to figure out, this provided a lot of resources and help to make sure we’re all getting closer to figuring out that ROI.   We had 457 tweets from 66 participants and a lot of great info.

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Q1 What are the areas you are attempting to measure for work?

buona_vita: ROI, Site visits, basically all metrics that are possible is accepted some more than others

cochinealred: Subscription rates, local impact for events we host, and engagement levels. Views and comments as well…

WriterChanelle: Success of email campaigns, brand mentions, quality of engagement on SM networks

kaleighsimmons: We’re looking really closely at blog page visits, time spent/bounce rate – and if we’re driving them to other parts of the site.


Q2: What tools do you use to measure those areas, and why?

cochinealred: Google analytics, SWIX, tweetdeck

Mitch_M: Google Analytics, Feedburner & Alexa ranking

Asaulgoldman: Tools we use to measure ROI include, twitalyzer, tweetreach, GA. We run reports on all on a weekly basis.

kaleighsimmons: Google Analytics is huge – esp like the heat map feature, so we can see where people are clicking to from the blog

syracusecs: Google Analytics (general web), Raven SEO Tools (seo & social), Feedburner (rss), Clixpy (usability)

HenriettaSung: Google analytics for website traffic, www.icerocket for SN measures for hit rates, twittercounter for followers

HenriettaSung: Looking into #klout & learning about their klout scores, it does identify what type of tweeter you are & give recommendations

pushingvision: Prelaunch design heatmap tool:

WriterChanelle: In addition to GA, I use, PostRank, the metrics offered in mailchimp and stats

mhandy1: @radian6 is an amazingly powerful tool that I use all the time..


Q3. What are you doing with the data that you gather? What do you consider ‘good’ numbers?

buona_vita: Using numbers to improve current strategies, show results positive and negitive

cochinealred: compare to previous performance as well as current marketing campaigns to determine effictiveness

cochinealred: Also using data to write better blog posts, direct readers and visitors to more useful areas of website.

syracusecs: Creating additional reports, looking for large spikes/drops and then trying to find out why they happened.

JPedde: We use the keywords that we see in Google Analytics for future blog posts.

40deuce: data can be used in so many ways. It really depends on what your goals are

Asaulgoldman: At the moment, we don’t archive our SM data. Wouldn’t benefit us. We measure week by week and make improvements that way.

jvkautz: Our ind. relies on referrals – a good marketing metric would show an increase in % of referred clients, with SM leadsource


Q4. How do you translate *metrics* into *action*?

cochinealred: Use the metrics to see trends, respond to what users are searching for – create content based on demand

mhandy1: Make adjustments on flow charts to fix deficiencies/ modify content calendars around engagement trends

Asaulgoldman: See Trends, recognize opportunities: fit the content to the demand, but also guide further demand thru proactive engagement.


Thanks to all who participated! If you would like to see the entire transcript, pleaseclick here. Make sure to come back to #cmgrchat every Wednesday from 2-3pm EST for more chats!

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